Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Are there any others?

Journalism is an important medium for passing on experience and ideas, and developing society's understandings, and a way to test and extend one's own understandings. It is also a way and earning outside the conventional professional contexts, and even to exert a little personal influence.

Members of many professions do it, sometimes to a high and respected level. It it just another of those social roles waiting for conductors to take up.

In Budapest Rita Kulcsár-Domján has done so:

See her articles in Csaladnet ('Family Net'), listed here:

The role requires a degree of open self-confidence that some professionals prefer not to show – not least among conductors. Here is a long, earlier interview of Rita, by Anett Fenyvesi , on Kölöknet ('Kid Net'), from 2011:

Look out for her.

Is there anyone else out there yet?

Anywhere? Any language? Already doing it, or wanting to start?

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