Monday, 29 August 2016



Some time ago

Facebook's daily reminder of items posted on Conductive World 'on this day' in previous years gives me frequent pause for thought.

How much has the world changed and moved on in the time between? How much have I myself changed and moved on?

I am sure that many Facebook-users will know the feeling.

This weekend is a public holiday here. Here are just a few items, a sample of half a dozen items posted on previous August Bank Holidays:

Vygotskii and Conductive Education: rather hard to fit in

Éva Beck offers five principled points

Partnership’, this is one of those words that so much irritates me when I read or hear it

'I wonder whether the day will ever come when the call goes out for apologies from all those who have so vigorously opposed Conductive Education...'

Study to examine the effectiveness of Conductive Education towards the toileting behavior of pre-school children with cerebral palsy, using 'A-B-A' withdrawal single-subject experimental design

To-the-point report, in its entirety, from the English-language news service

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