Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Detailed information on the two Florida courses
Website is model of transparency

The four-year BS conductor training course at ADU (the Adventist University of Health Sciences), now about to enter its second year, offers a very full course guide on its website, for potential students and others interested in what it is doing.

Bachelor of Science in Conductive Education:

Also on line are details of the two-year postgraduate course for those who already hold a first degree:

Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Conductive Education:

Those concerned with the development of conductor-training around the world will find all this fascination reading. One might or might not embrace the model of this training, but the proof of the pudding will have to await till those who complete it enter the jobs market and demonstrate in the real world of practice what they have become.

Meanwhile, ADU's detailed specification offers a template for any other higher-education institutions and Conductive Education centres that might like to follow suit.

Is that 'if', or is that 'when'...?

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