Friday, 26 August 2016


Jobs vacant

Norman Perrin wonders whether a Charter for Conductive Education might be useful.

He had been rather taken by a Charter for Social Pedagogy in the United Kingdom:

And he has found a couple of other documents that he wonders might be useful as starting points for framing such a thing for Conductive Education:

Both these latter date from the early years of this century. The one is Kati Bíro's synthesis of important points of Mária Hári's thinking. The second is something that I presented myself to a meeting of some of the UK's CE services. Together the two documents are a bit apples and bananas. Kati's/Mária's is directed to the level of individuals, mine towards social policy.

I suppose that the question of what level to pitch 'a charter' is very much one of who it is aimed at, and what it intends to achieve.

Norman writes by the way that it is not his intention to ask how far we have or have not come since 2002. I wonder whether it might be germane to ask who the word 'we' refers to in this context, then and now?

I wonder too what might be produced using some of the language and ideologies of today.

Good luck, Norman, in finding budding Chartists to try this job.

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