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In the Gulf

Is the CESK (the Conductive Education School Kuwait) dead, 'resting', or about to be reborn into the public view?

From time to time Google Alerts reports that new information on CESK has come on line (thus there were a sports day and a parents' evening in May of this year). 

Over the last couple of days it has come on line again, twice.


CESK was once a considerable enterprise, one of the largest 'conductive education schools' anywhere outside Hungary.

It seemed to advertise conductor conductors at an enormous rate (suggesting high turn-over), and adopted a particular form of multidisciplinary practice.

Why CESK disappeared from public view has not been apparent.

A skeletal form

Its recent appearance on the Internet takes the form of the thin skeletal outline of an extensive website – like the skeleton of a leaf:

It is also in Arabic:

Most of these skeleton site's internal links do not work but there are a couple of tiny scraps of flesh remaining on the bones: electronic contact details (email and telephone), and in English the following:
Conductive Education is not a miracle, not a therapy, Not a treatment. It is a system of learning in everyday life'
The holistic approach to educating the ‘whole child’ and supporting the family has proved to be a lifeline for everybody.
'Conductive Education School – Kuwait for Special Needs committed to give to each individual the very best quality of school life, achieving success in their practical, social, and academic life. Conductive Education is removing the obstacle and empowering all the students to achieve their potential. Improving their self-esteem and confidence is central to our programs.
To grow to the optimum in mind, body and spirit, to be confident and happy that is we are aiming for. We believe that confident and happy children become successful learner.
We look forward to help you for a better future. You are an inspiration.
'Empower your children by giving them choices and opportunities.'
Csilla B. Ercan

(Lead Conductor)

Our Vision
To set up a special needs school of excellence to provide complete educational/rehabilitation packages for children and adults with neurological and other disabilities...
Our Mission
To provide the highest quality services for individuals with special needs through the use of Conductive Education and the English National Curriculum to support...
We Believe
We believe that the most successful way to rehabilitate individuals is to teach holistically, in order to cater for the multidimensional needs of our students...
School Aims
The following set of aims is an interpretation of the preceding School Mission Statement and Philosophy. These aims are seen as one link in the chain, which connects the School Philosophy to daily practice, and are to be used as guidelines for educational planning and professional evaluation. In partnership with students, parents, teachers and administrators, Conductive Education School Kuwait intends to:
  • Deliver the highest quality of educational services to each student who chooses our services, regardless of their gender, race, ethnic background, creed and disability.
  • Guide the students to reach their highest potential by incorporating emotional, social, psychological, physical and academic aspects into our daily curriculum and by working constructively with the families of our students to guide them towards a successful future.
  • Engage our pupil’s body, mind and spirit to enable them to become active members of their society, to express themselves, to contribute to their environment and to live a more dignified, independent lifestyle.
  • Maintain a safe, healthy and orderly environment.
  • Employ technology in ways that enhance learning, teaching and non-instructional operations.
  • Maintain positive relations with parents/guardians and the community, emphasizing communications and inviting participation in the school.
  • Maintain and develop the essential qualities of Conductive Education.
What does this mean? Google Alerts picks up new postings, but may also catch major revisions. Why are these bones stirring now – for two days running? Is CESK returning to the public gaze?

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Blogger Andrew Sutton said...

'What, has this thing appeared again tonight?' (Hamlet, 1, 1)

Google Alerts spots another snippet of information (undated) about Conductive Education School Kuwait, on line today –

About CESK

Conductive Education In State of Kuwait

The Conductive Education School-Kuwait (CESK) is a special needs school which uses the Conductive System of Education and the British National Curriculum. The school is one of the schools that are owned by AFAQ Company for Educational Services. It was established in September 2003 to offer the best possible education and rehabilitation services to enable children and adults with neurological motor disabilities and related conditions to function more independently at home, in an educational environment, at work and in community environments, thereby dependency in essential everyday activities and making constructive steps towards integration into society.

We are the only Conductive Education School in the Gulf Region. This demonstrates the high standard of the school as a result of the government interest and support for our children who have special needs in order to attain the best educational standards. This unique intervention incorporates self-development, active learning, independence, problem solving and age appropriate social and academic skills. The school provides combined rehabilitation and educational services to approximately 230 students ranging in age from 3 to 21 years. The Conductive Program is combined with the English National Curriculum and 'I Aim High”' curriculum for special needs. We pride ourselves on being a happy multisensory team-orientated staff. It received the First Stage of the Inclusion and Quality Mark (IQM) from the Special and Inclusive Services (SIS), UK.

Daily? Will thing thing run and run?

Saturday, 20 August 2016 at 18:55:00 BST  

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