Saturday, 23 July 2016


Special educator
Another gone, from a great generation

Yaakov Rand has died:

In the early nineteen-seventies, when I first chanced upon mediated learning, I found its practice set upon three legs: dynamic assessment, instrumental enrichment – and group care. Instrumental enrichment can be counted as a kind of pedagogy, and group care is most certainly upbringing. Both are transformative.

Over subsequent years outsiders' interest has been mainly towards dynamic assessment and instrumental enrichment, these being readily transmitted through short courses and workshops. Group upbringing has been less apparent.

In the early seventies Reuven seemed already established as a front-man and populariser – both essential roles and ones that he wholeheartedly fulfilled. But I was aware that there were others involved too – not least Yaakov Rand.

Professor Rand, as he became, was closely involved in the early development and publication of all three 'legs', see for example :

Perhaps in modern Israel Yaakov Rand has been better known as father of singer and actor Shuli Rand. Worldwide perhaps the special-educational priorities and interventions of the twentieth century time have now rather fallen out of fashion, indeed out of favour, and its achievements gone out of mind.

All the same, those in Conductive Education who seek comfort, intellectual reassurance and practical inspiration from parallel streams of transformative pedagogy and upbringing, even today should add the name of Yaakov Rand to their check-it-out list...

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