Friday, 22 July 2016


A little light into another corner

Yesterday this letter to Russian-speaking parents was sent me by the PAF –
Уважаемые Родители!
Международное отделение Высшего Института имени А. Петё в 2016 году со сроком три недели организует специальный курс для самостоятельно ходящих детей с ДЦП дошкольного и раннего школьного возраста. Курс будет составлен по такой же методике как все наши курсы но с ударением на специальные проблемы самостоятельно ходящих детей. Ждём ваши письма о намерении принимать участие на планированном курсе ( Срок заявки на курс 01.11.2016. г. Начало курса по плану 28.11.2016.
Which being translated into English –
Esteemed parents,
In 2016 the International Department of the Pető International Higher Institute is organising a special three-week course for children with cerebral palsy of preschool and early school age who can walk independently. The course will be run with the same method as all our courses, but with account to the special problems of children who walk independently. We await your letters to indicate your intention to take part in this planned course ( The deadline to apply for the course is 1 November 2016. The course is planned to start on 28 November 2016.
Perhaps, for any of a host of reasons, some conductive services do not address this group of potential clients at all. Other services, however, have addressed this group of clients in their own ways over the years. Either way, this aspect of conductive practice seems to have generated no professional literature, even at a basic, descriptive level. Nor does it form part of the prevailing popular-professional 'myth' of what Conductive Education is all about, which can be all too often boiled down to one simple goal, walking:

There is potentially a whole cluster of relevant themes and perspectives in their own right here, including the pedagogy psychology, sociology, even the needs, politics, ethics and economics related to CE and 'walkers'.

In the age of transparency, is this too much to hope...? Or just another chance being missed?

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