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What it takes

Andy Blunden is without doubt the Anglosphere's leading Vygotskii-anorak.

This is not human capital!

He is not of that vast assembly of 'neo-Vygotskians' whose work has for a generation so blighted Western understandings of Vygotskii's, but an original, of his own kind.

Just on line is an excellent example of his prodigious output:

Read it if you pretend to a serious, effective interest in Vygotskii and the thinking that he represents. If you feel that its tone and standpoint jars with much or even all that you have read on this and associated topics over the years, then you are right. It does.

Andy Blunden has shown how far the study of Vygotskii and co. can be taken relying primarily upon the often poor English-language sources available. Why then, despite all the ink spilled over the last decades, and such academic careers created, has so much effort vanished up socially ineffectual gumtrees?

Not your average bourgeois academic

Moral of this story

It's the philosophy, stupid.

It usually is. Concentrate on the specifics, such nuts and bolts as you gather together, and you'll miss the point. With the basic idea, however, you are on the way. And if you don't get this..

This has been apparent in Conductive Education since the earliest attempts to transplant it to a different cultural context. as in the case of other approaches ai psychology and education...

Last mention here of his of this fundamental point:

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