Wednesday, 27 July 2016


97 new students to be admitted

Out of 331 applicants to train to become conductors at the András Pető College this year. 97 have been successful:

A long time ago, those who trained at the then Pető Institute stayed on there to work as conductors. Indeed, Mária Hári in her heyday did her level best to dissuade conductors from working anywhere else, and very unpleasant this could be, forbidding them from ever returning if they did.

Things are rather different now. Some of those currently joining this course will likely find employment at PAF, others will find jobs as conductors elsewhere in the Hungarian economy, while others still will seek their fortunes abroad. Others too, will find jobs doing something other than as a conductor.

Given the present size of the training course in Budapest, and the relative size of the very few conductor-training course elsewhere, the PAF will retain a disproportionate influence over the nature of what constitutes 'a conductor' around the world for a considerable time to come.

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