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From Patti Herbst

On Wednesday Conductive World reported formation of NACA (the North American Conductor Association):

Patti Herbst, outgoing President of ACENA, has sent me a most helpful response to some questions raised in this posting. I am pleased to share these here   

Thank you for announcing NACA to the greater Conductive Education world – we appreciate all you do to increase access to news and information on CE.

To keep your readers informed, Andrea Benyovszky, ACENA President-Elect (she will be President tomorrow!), Beth Lynch - ACENA Director of Continuing Education, and I are taking this opportunity to respond to the questions posed in your article.  Our responses can be found below in BLUE.

NACA is a Membership organization "in progress" and the Conductors working on this important project appreciate your help in getting the information out.

Please let me know if we can provide any further clarification.  

I hope to see you in Hungary this December,

Patti Herbst, 
ACENA President (President Emeritus 7/1/16!)

Here are the responses of Patti and her colleagues to the queries that I raised –

The NACA has been announced by ACENA on its website, where NACE is classed as a 'resource' of ACENA, and 'under the ACENA umbrella': what is the longer-term envisioned relationship between the two bodies? (Independent or linked)  
ACENA is assisting in the start-up of NACA, which is operated and governed exclusively by Conductor Teachers. Currently ACENA provides support and resources to NACA in the start-up of the Conductor Teacher Membership organization. ACENA and NACA are working jointly to promote and expand the profession of Conductive Education. The ACENA Board hopes that more Conductor Teachers will join NACA and  take more responsibility for the profession of Conductive Education through involvement in the new membership organization. Please access the ACENA website for more information on how to get involved and for news on NACA.

Will the two bodies be respectively for conductors, and for non-conductors with interests in CE? (Current example in UK).
ACENA's membership includes Conductor Teachers, CE Program Administrators, CE Related Service Providers, Students, CE Participants and their families, or those interested in the promotion of Conductive Education. NACA membership is restricted to Conductive Education Teachers.

Will they serve as employers' and employees' associations? (Historical example in UK)

Who counts as a conductor, and who will in future as new courses arise? (What is a 'conductor-teacher', come to that)
As noted in the ACENA website:  Conductors  hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree with specific training in Conductive Education through Aquinas College, The Peto College or the National Institute of Conductive Education.

What is the place for people trained at Governor's State? (Analogue in Germany)
Individuals trained at Governors State University are not considered Conductors, they are "Related Service Providers".  Related Service Providers working in the field of Conductive Education are welcome and encouraged to be members in ACENA, but are not eligible for membership in NACA, a strictly Conductor Membership Organization.

Despite the new organisation's title, NACA is defined as being for 'conductor-teachers': is this distinction important? (An inconsistency that may cause confusion, outside and inside the ranks)
As noted in the ACENA website:  Conductors  hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree with specific training in Conductive Education through Aquinas College, The Peto College or the National Institute of Conductive Education.

North America covers Canada, Mexico and the United States: can the proper and necessary functions of a professional association operate across national frontiers? (Laws, regulations, institutions, salaries, etc.)

Patti, thank you for your kind words and for your prompt and helpful reply, made with welcome openness and clarity.

I do appreciate that NACA in work in progress. Good luck with all the work that this will involve. Doubtless I and others will have further questions – to be addressed through your successor.

I shall not be in Hungary this year. I do hope that we shall meet again, somewhere, sometime.

Very best wishes, 

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