Monday, 25 July 2016


As is often so in CE –
The more one knows
The more one is confused


The Annual General Meeting of AFPC (l'Association Française de Pédagogie Conductive) has just taken place under the auspices of CESAP (Comité d'Etudes, d'Education et de Soins Auprès des Personnes Polyhandicapées), a French national organisation concerned with multiple disabilities. A week ago today AFPC's AGM was reported on the site of CESAP's website –
The AGM of the French Association of Conductive Pedagogy was held in Clairmont on Tuesday on 19 July 19 2016 in, at CESAP's headquarters.
Sophie Laperche, psychomotrician and resource person or conductive pedagogy (and also head of the education department ESCAP) became President of the Association at this event. The previous President, Dr Annick Champolion-Puel remains a member of the Board and will support the new team.
It will be recalled that the day schools of the Claire Montagne Medico-pedagogic Establishment are based on conductive pedagogy (or conductive education) to provide the establishment's children a very interesting model of support that offers remarkable prospects for action with a population of children the complexity of whose disability needs no further demonstration.

I knew AFPC during the first small wave of attempts to establish Conductive Education in France following the very negative French report on the Pető Institute. Most memorable for me was the grand conference held at UNESCO in Paris, in 2003:

AFPC is still widely mentioned on the Internet, but I can find no more than a fragment of its own website still extant:

I have, however, been vaguely aware that ATPC still exists, and this brief AGM report confirms its survival.


AFPC is not to be confused with AFPEC (l'Association Française pour l'Éducation Conductive):


And this in turn is not to be confused with FEPIC (Fédération des Établissements Privés d’Éducation Conductive):

Clarification, please

Please, could someone in France offer a conceptual map to explaining this complex organisational geography. Write publicly, as a Comment on Conductive World or on Facebook, or privately to Write in French or in English, as you prefer.

Perhaps not just les rosbifs are confused.

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