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Busy, especially with jobs

The online CONDUCTIVE WORLD MARKET opened in 2010 It incorporated CONDUCTIVE EDUCATION JOBS in 2012. Jobs for conductors have continued its major trade.
This time of year is always a busy one for conductors who are seeking work, and for everyone looking to employ conductors.
Conductive World Market is provided as a Facebook group. In 2013 it had 500 members, today it has 1195.

What is a market?

A market is a place for buying and selling, gossip and intrigue; somewhere to find a crowd – and to work it.

What is your image of a market? A Greek agora, a Middle Eastern souk or bazaar, a farmer’s market, a Christmas one? Or a Thatcherite system for establishing the price of everything (though not necessarily its value)?

Whatever image comes to mind, a free market is something that finds its own content, and develops in response to those who visit and use it, whether take part actively in the business, join conversations, window-shop, comment on what they see ,or just watch what people are doing.

The content of Conduction's online CONDUCTIVE WORLD MARKET reflects the uses that people make of it.

Join in

CONDUCTIVE WORLD MARKET is provided through Facebook, as an open group. Use it as you would any other open Facebook page. Join if you wish. Or just browse.

New entries are posted at the top of the page. Making a Comment to an earlier (older) entry brings it back up to the top of the page.

CONDUCTIVE WORLD MARKET is free of charge.

Facebook members can respond to any advert posted there with a Like, Comment, Promote or Share, in the usual way. Any announcement in this market is therefore potentially the start of a communication, conversation or discussion.

Photos, videos etc. can be attached to adverts in the usual way.


The main trade of this particular market has always been in people – particularly in conductors:
  • families and services with jobs to offer, ,looking for conductors
  • conductors looking for new jobs and potential new employers.
Worldwide this ‘traffic’ works through a variety of methods – of which on-line advertising is the most visible and the easiest to find for everyone involved. Advertising on CONDUCTIVE WORLD MARKET permits advertisers and others to enter into either public or private discussion – and announce when a job is no longer vacant.

Services and events

Most CE services around the world advertise what they do on their own sites. If you do not know where to find these shop windows worldwide, you can look at Conduction's world map of where conductors work:

CE centres' websites serve as their own shop windows – and this is fine where their shops are situated in prominent places or are so well known that potential customers beat a way to their doors. Many services, however, are not so well situated and, however excellent what they do have to get out and market them. Some do. Many do not – perhaps this indicates that CE services are full and have therefore no need to advertise, and perhaps some are just rather unsophisticated about marketing.

Some centres cannot afford to keep their shop windows up to date, and do not know how to do so themselves. So some of them also take their wares to a marketplace to publicise what they have to offer, vacancies, forthcoming events etc.


Conductive Education is a ‘people technology’. It depends primarily upon people, not things. But some things may some come come in handy, and can be bought or sold in the market.

Going to market to ask for what you require, to to dispose of something that you no longer want. Second-hand can be a good way of acquiring what you need rather more cheaply than buying it new, and a perhaps the only way to get rid of some of that no-longer-wanted wooden furniture on a buyer-collects basis.

Books, other kinds of publication and small goods are also traded from time to time.


The world of CE speaks in a babble of tongues, a Babel. The main language in this online market has been English, though Hungarian runs it a close second, German is common, French is now heard more often, and others feature from time to time.

It is up to those who advertise to decide what language to write in, according to who they wish to understand them. So, of you want someone to work in France, advertise in French.

Those who cannot understand the advertisement are unlikely to want to apply anyway!


Markets are traditionally good places to find out what is happening in the world, announce what you are doing and pass on news of others – rumour, gossip, pletyka.

Meetings, conferences and courses hardly have figured hardly at all. Perhaps these will come.


Markets are a traditional place find a crowd, reach out to people, promote ideas, techniques and enthusiasms, to gather support for a cause or viewpoint of to invite people to sign petitions.

Market police

There are no formal rules and people have been remarkably well behaved in what they say and do. A few breeches to good taste have led to perpetrators' been seen off the premises, and barred.

Obvious undesirables, and those selling sunglasses, dubious pharmaceuticals, mobile phones, sexual favours and other unrelated wares, are turned away at the point of entry or as soon as they are spotted, and barred. So too are dodgy-looking dudes whose attention has apparently been attracted by the pretty girls to be seen there.

Maggie’s kind of market

CONDUCTIVE WORLD MARKET has been intended to for three purposes:
  • for the obvious purpose of making it easier to find jobs and to buy and sell in Conductive Education
  • to make more widely visible something of what is going on in the world of CE, by revealing trends worldwide through how people describe what they do and what they want.
  • encouraging a rather more explicit 'market place' in the Thatcherite sense, in which more open trade and competition, might help create more realistic salaries and conditions of service.
The first of these purposes has been to some degree fulfilled. Conductor-recruitment no longer depends wholly upon word of mouth, personal introduction and networking. As for the second, perhaps such advertising does add to the limited sources of information for those who aim to grasp the broader picture.

For the third, helping creation of a market economy for employment within CE, who knows? If public online job adverts have helped to curtail the excesses of international CE’s early cowboy years, then so well and good. Its potential for a competitive market remains limited, however, until more advertisers become less coy over announcing actual salaries.

It has primarily the labour of conductors that is traded in this market, though at times there are adverts for some of the others whose labour (paid or unpaid) contributes significantly to Conductive Education's economy.

Vacant places in CE services?

Also relatively rare are adverts for vacancies at CE centres or in short-term conductive experiences (summer camps etc.) There are, however, conductive services with unfilled places for children – and less frequently for adults – and their there are even services reportedly starved of clients.

As any market-trader will tell you, if you do not put your products on view, and shout your wares, then your customers will go to somebody who does.

Enter the Conductive World Market

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