Wednesday, 6 July 2016


With qualifications

One may surmise about institutions and their cultures from reading their job adverts.

Here is a current example, an ad from the March of Dimes for a conductor to work in Toronto:

It looks like it was written to fit a format. 

With respect to the actual job and what this might involve or require, however, it says little, leaving those who might potentially apply rather in the dark about the actual job to be done.

There are, however, some interesting formal requirements –
Qualifications required
  • University degree BA (Hons) in Conductive Education
  • University/National Institute of Conductive Education or The Aquinas College, Michigan or Qualified Conductor Status (QCS) or Diploma in Conductive Education from Peto Institute in Hungary/ Tsad Kadima Center, Israel.
  • Current Association of Conductive Education in North America (ACENA) individual membership, in good standing.
  • Experience working as a Conductor with children and adults in a conductive education setting.
  • Intricate knowledge of Conductive Education® including fundamental features, history.
  • Intricate knowledge of neurological conditions such as CP, MS, Parkinson’s disease, acquired brain injuries and stroke.
  • Knowledge and understanding of delivering CE in a North America country and adaptations that have to be made in order to be culturally appropriate.
  • Ability to deal with confidential and sensitive personal information.
  • Ability to learn and apply March of Dimes Canada’s’ policies and procedures.
  • Fluent in both written and spoken English.

You can see what is meant. It is well intentioned, but not well informed or well expressed – enough perhaps to turn away and annoy some excellent potential employees, quite unnecessarily.

And one particular requirement is remarkable, at the very least in this it the first time that I have seen it, or anything like it, anywhere in Conductive Education –
  • Current Association of Conductive Education in North America (ACENA) individual membership, in good standing.
How peculiar is that.

Something else peculiar: there it is again, that little, intrusive '®'. I would expect such a formal, legalistic document to offer reference to clear definition of just what is 'Conductive Education®', as opposed to 'Conductive Education'. Otherwise, how in a world of equal opportunities can all applicants have an 'intricate knowledge' of this, and not be disadvantaged if they do not?

Good luck, anyway... conductors looking for a job in Toronto, and to March of Dimes in its search for the right and best conductor for the job waiting to be done. 

Good conductors can be hard to come by. Why make the recruiting process unhelpful?

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