Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Rate of new publication flattening off?

On Conductive Education Information, Gill Maguire has blogged the latest new additions listed on the Virtual Library. She comments on this –
As the contents of the catalogue increases – it now has 608 items – it is becoming harder to find new material for it, and this list of new additions that I have found so far this year is a mixture of old and newly available articles, a book review and web documents, in English, Russian and Hungarian.

They certainly make an eclectic mix and demonstrate something of how far the field now stretches. It is nice too to see that most of them are fairly recent productions.

In the other hand I do wonder why new admissions to the Library have been so few over 2016. Perhaps, the 'back-list' from before say 2012 waiting to be discovered on line has indeed now been mainly found and catalogued, and there are few new online publications now coming on stream.

Let us hope that this proves a wrong interpretation and, if so, only a short-term trend. Yes, 608  items certainly seems quite a figure, but it would be awful if the growth curve were now to flatten off still short of seven hundred...


Maguire, G. (2016) New Additions to the Virtual Library, Spring 2016, Conductive Education Information, 6 June



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