Tuesday, 14 June 2016


Mária Hári and Katalin Biró

Psychologist Kati Biró worked closely with Mária Hári over many years and each helped the other prepare writings and lectures. They discussed and argued, and agreed that it would be helpful if Kati should formalise more clearly the ideas that Mária had expressed in her 'human principles'.

These then are the principles underlying conductive pedagogy and upbringing, that Kati shared with her students:
  1. valuing life, respect for humanity
  2. pedagogic optimism
  3. pedagogic value
  4. tolerance
  5. activity-centredness
  6. communal upbringing
  7. teaching through conflict
  8. integration
  9. bipolarity
  10. complexity

After Mária died, Kati shared these thoughts further, through a specially written article in the now discontinued journal RACE (Recent Advances in Conductive Education).


Biró, K. (2006) Fundamentals of conductive upbringing: in fond and respectful memory of Mária Hári), Recent Advances in Conductive Education, vol. 5, no 1, pp. 4-10

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