Thursday, 23 June 2016


Not a lot to be found

I have recently been asked whether I know of anything publication in French that provides a simple, accessible introduction to Conductive Education. Just to amplify a little: the enquiry came from someone who has a Francophone carer – 'Is there an explanation of Conductive Education in French?'

Sorry, as far as I know Non!

With the help of Google one might find something useful for the purpose stated,or at least a helpful link on the sites of AFPEC or FEPEC (France), or Schrëtt fir Schrëtt (Luxembourg), or ABPC Belgium, though I doubt it. There is nothing from Francophone Canada. I cannot think of anywhere else to look.

Academically there is nothing of any worth for this purpose in French.

Indeed, when I sat back and thought about this further I wondered what there is anything useful in this respect in any of the Romance languages. Answer: a bit. In Spanish there is a tiny popular literature (Mexico), in Portuguese there was the blog Educação conductiva – con amor (Brazil). The academic literature in both these languages has remained minute.

Much the same as in other languages really, even those in which the Internet overflows with stuff about Conductive Education, popular and academic – apart from the blogs Conductor and Conductive upbringing and lifestyle and their associated publications (English and German). Nothing in Hungarian either as far as I know. 

There is nothing really practical to offer carers to read, either those in the family and those who come in from outside. Except the book Dina – but that specifically concerns children of preschool age.

Not a lot to show the world after thirty years since interest in Conductive Education first exploded around the world in response to the hopes, dreams and sacrifice of carers who so much wanted access to benefits from this way of thinking. 

Such things remain a romantic dream. I wonder why...

Of course I could be very wrong and there is indeed plenty around in French and in other other Romance languages, plus in English, German, Russian, Hungarian, whatever... If so, along with my correspondent, I eagerly await further information...

(Usual health warning, about breath-holding behaviour)

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