Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Open access is getting there
Open Access to science papers will be default by 2020, say European ministers
There was a breakthrough for open-access publishing on Friday 27 May, as EU research ministers published a commitment to make open access to scientific publications as the default option by 2020.
'It’s a major step forward,' said EU Research Commissioner Carlos Moedas. 'You cannot stop the movement. Publishers will have to change their business models.'

Will this involve the social sciences as well as the natural and medical sciences (and the humanities)? 

Will it bear upon developments in other parts of the world, particularly the USA?

This development will be a liberation for all those who do not belong to an institution that subscribes to paid journal services. – i. e. for most people currently involved in Conductive Education in any capacity. Will this have an influence upon Conductive Education which currently seems to exist largely without without referring to the growing store of already published literature?


Barker, E, (2016) Open access to science papers will be default by 2020, say European ministers, Frontiers Blog, 31 May

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