Monday, 13 June 2016


Return bout – boxing strikes back

Lisa Gombinsky is a Canadian conductor and personal trainer, living and working in New Zealand. Like for many conductors who have additional skills and knowledge, her practice offers a synthesis of her two backgrounds. Lisa's other hat is personal training:

Personal training has drawn her into boxing for people with Parkinson's. She has recently released a new video of her work:

This video leads on to to a series of other videos on boxing for people with Parkinson's through Rock Steady Boxing, the main organisation in the United States running these programmes, with more illustrations of this practice spreading across the United States and into Canada. 

A glance at YouTube will lead to more such illustrative materials:

Boxing for people with Parkinson's is certainly out there, now, waiting to be explored by those who would like to try it for their own benefit – and by those who work in Conductive Education.

Research and development

But who would 'research' non-pharmaceutical, indeed non-medical responses such as this, what sort of people would be best placed to run it, what research methods in what research paradigms, for what sort of studies? How would it be funded?

Sounds a bit like the world of Conductive Education.

Not just possibilities for academic research but also R&D. Boxing and CE, parallel and/or synthesised, what wonderful opportunities for both academic research and R&D, and what a possible source of new ideas, both practical and theoretical.

I understand that research into treatment for Parkinson's has been largely funded by the pharmaceutical industry. People want a cure, quite right too. But how to fund no-drugs research, and development of its appropriate methodologies.

For the moment, this is almost virgin territory. Lisa has shared a window into what little little has been done so far:

Again, this looks like something from the world of Conductive Education! Not much of it though, leaving opportunity to start again. And just like with Conductive Education, what the people who do it say, teachers and learners, offers a wealth of questions and hypotheses to begin with.

Bikes too?

Looking at the videos, listening to what people said who took part in them, I was struck by recollection of something else mentioned on Conductive World this year – cycling:

Another potential overlap and comparator.

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