Wednesday, 29 June 2016


New professional organisation for conductors
Free NACA membership for 2016-2017

ACENA (North American Conductive Education Association) announces –
...a professional group exclusively for conductor teachers. NACA aims to strengthen CE, advance its principles in North America and to advocate for the continuous professional improvement of CE. NACA believes in the future of the profession, and treasures the heritage. The group is committed to standing up for professional values, to support fellow conductor teachers, and to contribute to the future of Conductive Education.

This is important news. NACA could help define the future shape of Conductive Education in North America.

Immediate questions arising from ACENA's news release include:
  • The NACA has been announced by ACENA on its website, where NACE is classed as a 'resource' of ACENA, and 'under the ACENA umbrella': what is the longer-term envisioned relationship between the two bodies? (Independent or linked)
  • Will the two bodies be respectively for conductors, and for non-conductors with interests in CE? (Current example in UK)
  • Will they serve as employers' and employees' associations? (Historical example in UK)
  • Who counts as a conductor, and who will in future as new courses arise? (What is a 'conductor-teacher', come to that)
  • What is the place for people trained at Governor's State? (Analogue in Germany)
  • Despite the new organisation's title, NACA is defined as being for 'conductor-teachers': is this distinction important? (An inconsistency that may cause confusion, outside and inside the ranks)
  • North America covers Canada, Mexico and the United States: can the proper and necessary functions of a professional association operate across national frontiers? (Laws, regulations, institutions, salaries, etc.)
This is early days in the life of NACA and the emerging details will be interesting. 


ACENA (2016) North American Conductor Association (NACA)

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