Wednesday, 29 June 2016


What might one learn from this dreadful episode?

Five years ago June saw all hell of a political row around Conductive Education in Western Australia.

It seems to have long blown away now but at the time there was real risk to the preschool programme at Carson Street School in Perth. Five years on, the service is still there, and Liz Constable, then Minister for Education for Western Australia, retired from the Western Australia Legislative Assembly at the General Education of 2015

I do not know what was at the bottom of what happened in Western Australia around Conductive Education five years ago (winter for them), but what general lesson might the rest of us draw from this? What might one learn from such an episode?
  • Politics can be dirty. Dig in, fight back hard – and win.
  • Politics can trump research when it comes decision-making – unless one also fights fire with fire
  • Serious politics rather is a more fruitful use of CE's limited attention and resources than activity at the professional-academic level to win official interest and support.
Political shenanigans with CE research documents have not been not unique to Western Australia, nor to Australia.

Surviving traces of this struggle on line

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