Sunday, 26 June 2016


Time for a rematch...

WHEREAS: The world has a breathing space:
  • ...there now being so much public discourse about lies and disinformation from incompetent and/or untrustworthy 'political classes' (both sides)
  • the morning-after realisation that the leavers had made no plans to deal with the consequences of their campaign
  • in the now poisonous air of distrust of politicians (did the leavers actually have no real expectation of winning?), being in it just to further personal short-term ambitions?)
  • in the face of the first dire economic effects and other consequences of the Brexit result
  • ...recognising that the widening ripples (tsunami?) from Thursday's Referendum in the UK are beginning to impact upon not just the people of the United Kingdom but the very structure of the EU and the future well-being of peoples and societies far wider afield
  • view of the fact that Parliament has not yet formally considered the results of the Petition, never mind invoked Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to set the leave mechanism in motion...
THEREFORE, the people of the UK have not only the right but the duty to request a chance to reconsider their position:

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