Sunday, 22 May 2016


András Pető: a tribute in verse

 The young Pető and the words of Zoltán Vitó, one his pupils

Judit Szathmáry writes –
Whoever offered the wine of movement,
The beautiful intoxication of motion
And whoever has been taught to walk,
That person will always know
How incredible it may be
That everything is possible anywhere.
People can overcome any monster
If they have the will, the heart and the intelligence
The magic consciousness always helps
Zoltán Vitό, Hungarian writer and one of the pupils of Dr András Pető, gives a clear picture of what he learnt growing up under the guidance of Dr András Pető.
A spark of a reminder of the 'old school conductor-training' we have been part of.
There are now not many of us around... few and far between. We must take care of each other, support each other and preserve what we were handed down by Dr. András Pető and Dr. Mária Hári.
I know that it is not easy. It is hard not to give in to circumstances, new trends, just to be accepted or to have an easier life, but it is much easier for us than what they had to go through in their lives, without giving in and giving up.

Judit Szathmáry, writing on her Facebook page a week ago, on 15 May – she first published this English translation on her now discontinued blog Conductive Education Journal. 

Zoltán's poem is worth running again and I am pleased to share it more widely – thank you, Judit.

András Pető's own verse was rather different in tone. For published examples, see pages 153-160 (English translations) and 259-266 (German originals) of the book András Pető:

(Copies can be ordered through this link)


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