Monday, 16 May 2016


Success for two conductive schools
Move&Walk has announced that its schools at Malmö and Gothenberg have attained high scores in the recent Schools Inspectorate survey, collectively achieving higher than the national averages for special schools in Sweden, with Malmö winning the highest score possible under Elevens utveckling ('pupil development').

Spokeswoman Jenny Haagman says – 

She adds –
That we have more satisfied pupils, parents and staff than all other special schools, all points, shows that conductive education really works for our group of pupils... Our teachers have a holistic perspective that makes reasonable demands of the students, which helps them feel that they can. Everyone can develop in their own terms.
A useful precedent for others

Those struggling against state education services in other countries might remember that the strongest evidence that politicians  and officials might see is information on what politicians and officials in other countries are already accepting– established memes not 'research'.

Some tables 


– (2015) Friskolan Move & Walk – grundsärskolan som får bäst resultat, Fiskolornas Riksforbund, 16 May

Most recent item on Move&Walk


A seven-minute video from Lars Mulback is inncluded with this item:

'Move@Walk school – everyone has a right to education':

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