Sunday, 15 May 2016


Conductor training beyond frontiers?

The PAF, formerly the Pető Institute, recently completed a three-week demonstration service in the city of Senta in northern Serbia (one-time Hungarian Zenta).

At the closing ceremony Jenő Hajnal, President of the Hungarian National Council said that conductive pedagogy can bring miraculous results without need for much equipment, but the project's wider importance lie in its implications for future conductor-training, which could take place in Santa as well as in Budapest. Not many people actually came forward for this three-week course but it is hoped that news of what has been done at Santa will attract more – not just those of Hungarian background. It is also hoped that benefits might extend to other parts of Serbia.

PAF Rector Andrea Zsebe also spoke, pointing out that this course had been preceded by screening to select from those put forward, as the method is not suitable for all disabled people. She also said that the PAF's intention to decentralise and be less Budapest-centred, also extends beyond the present political frontiers of Hungary.

The main coordinator of Senta course was Attila Perpauer, Chairman of the Hungarian National Council's Education Committee. He reported that family-members taking part had a positive attitude towards the programme, and that attendance had sometimes involved huge personal sacrifices, with some families travelling daily, others sleeping in Santa. He added that parents are already awaiting the next course, to be organised in the autumn.

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(2016 ) Szinte csodát tud művelni. Véget ért a budapesti Pető András Főiskola zentai kurzusa, Magyar Szó, 6 May

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