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Virag Czibok on TV
Very Magyar, and very Kiwi!

From New Zealand, Lisa Gombinsky writes to tell me about last Sunday's edition of NZ TV documentary programme Neighbourhood
The programme looks at little communities in New Zealand – this case Fairfield just outside of Hamilton in Waikato region – and profiles individuals.

The segment about Virag talks about her own early life and schooling in Hungary (with emphasis on music education as part of her upbringing). She then goes into being invited to NZ to help set up one of the first CE schools here – and how she knew nothing at all about NZ before she came.

The musical upbringing is revisited, She does not talk about rhythmical intention but about using music to help the kids know whether they should move quickly or relax, plus to establish the routine of the programme and to settle children in, especially those with more complex needs She talks about CE was developed in Hungary as a way to help children with cerebral palsy, but also how international programmes have brought other children in and shown that CE is effective beyond motor disorder... i.e. for children with behavioral, learning and sensory impairment, and a bit about CE Waikato (children up to age 6).

She talks about her specialty – very young children under age two – and about bringing positive movement experiences to very young children who might not otherwise get them. . Her Facebook page is Early Arrivals NZ if you want to read more). There is a few minutes of her working with a gorgeous little girl and of the family saying how great Virag is A very lovely little piece

See the programme?

Wherever you are you can watch a couple of minutes' taster on Fairfield Online Extra in which Virag speaks about her strong connection to her Hungarian culture.:

The full programme is available as TV on demand, but only if you live within the New Zealand timezone:

Virag on Facebook

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