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Requested clarification


Last week Conductive World mentioned a 'co-ordination meeting' between management of the PAF (formerly the Pető Institute) and the members of the Board of the European Conductive Association, at which PAF announced some of its plans for the future:

Information on this meeting became publicly available because the German Conductors' Association has reported it on its website. Other organisations represented there have yet to mention it:

PAF's plans are wide-ranging and if realised could have Europe-wide implications for the future of Conductive Education.

This was 'a very open discussion'. Without further elaboration, the German Conductors' Association added –
The proposals also met critical voices from those present. Board members from Belgium, Austria, Sweden and Germany discussed them openly and repeatedly pointed out to PAF the desire for effective networking and collaborative working.

The posting on Conductive World was headed 'More Kremlin-watching'


At the weekend this posting attracted an unsigned Comment –
What does this have to do with Kremlin?

The expression 'Kremlin watching' originated during the Cold War. It referred not so much to a specific building, the Moscow Kremlin, but to the institution that it represented – the Soviet Government. This was an institution that those outside had good reason to watch with care, and often trepidation, but was an informational black hole from which few certain clues of what was planned or intended ever emerged. The 'watching' was an attempt to cull clues from any source that might be offer some indication of what was going on and what might be expected next.

A overlapping concept from those days was Kremlinology. Another was intelligence.

During the last twenty or so years the days of such activities might have been regarded as over. Perhaps they were. The expression 'Kremlin-watching, however, persisted in the English language, being used by extension to apply figuratively to any large but opaque (non-transparent) institution. Now I see it is back in common usage with respect to the Government of the Russian Federation, So it goes.

Through a glass, darkly

The expression was used figuratively in Conductive World, to suggest that if the matters dealt with at this meeting are important to anybody then they are surely important enough to be dealt with in a spirit of transparency,.


'Anonymous' has made frequent Comments on Conductive Education, on Conductive World and elsewhere  over the years.

There may unfortunately be good reasons why people in Conductive Education are reluctant to identify themselves publicly. On the other hand, the overall effect is yet further lack of transparency. In the twenty-first tradition Conductive Education needs clarity, not cloak and dagger.

Hot tip: look it up

If you find something on the Internet that you do not understand, you presumably already have your computer switched on. It then takes but a few seconds to look up the puzzling term in your preferred search engine...#

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