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Tsad Kadima
Good show

From Israel Rony Schenker writes to tell me of a recent item in Jewish Journal, the largest Jewish weekly newspaper in the United States outside New York City

Guy Salomon, Executive Director of Tsad Kadima has been to Los Angeles. Whilst there he was interviewed by disability activist and parent blogger Michelle K. Wolf whose blog Jews and Special Needs has now reported this interview:

Her account, from what sounds like a first exposure to Conductive Education, covers ground familiar enough to readers of Conductive World. The story of Conductive Education is a complicated one and I often wonder how those who hear about it for the first time manage. Some, I guess, do not.  Despite some errors over some specific facts, however, Michelle has made a decent job of creating a first awareness within a new network.

Never mind the specifics which, right or wrong, are likely already forgotten by most who read the posting. A general impression may have been conveyed that there is something called Conductive Education, and that it does good things in a field in which more good is needed. Respect, Michelle.

But my own attention was particularly caught by the final paragraph of her posting:

I asked Guy if there were Haredi ultra-religious) families who sent their children and young adults to Tsad Kadima’s programs. As it turns out, the clients in Tsad Kadima come from every sector, secular to very religious Jews, and also Arab Israelis and Druze. Watch the video to see for yourself...

Respect, Tsad Kadima

The above video in this link, by the way, is to a short film of Tsad Kadima's young adults' housing programme (Hebrew soundtrack with English subtitles).

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