Monday, 30 May 2016


Andrea Benyovszky

Andrea has been awarded her doctorate from ELTE (the Eőtvős Loránd University, Budapest), having successfully defended her dissertation on 4 May:

A konduktív pedagógia permanens jelenléte
az Amerikai Egyesült Államokban
(Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI, USA)

The continuous presence of conductive pedagogy
in the United States of America
(Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, MI, USA)

Summary in Hungarian:

Summary in English:

Andrea's listing in the Hungarian Academic Corpus (MTMT):

Franz Schaffhauser

Other conductors in the doctoral programme at ELTE

Horváthné, K. S., Nadási, Zs., Gál, F., Kokumbán, E., Benyovszky, A. (2014) Doktori kutátosok a Pető intézetben [Doctoral studies at the Pető Institute], Iskolakultúra12/4, pp. 20-34

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