Friday, 20 May 2016


Training again

The German Conductors' Association has reported –
European project for recognition of qualifications in Europe
Within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, 'for quality-assurance at European level to improve the transparency and recognition of competences and qualifications', in February this year the PAF [formerly the Pető Institute] initiated a European project called 'Quality Levels in Conductive Education' (QLINCE).
As well as PAF, also involved are the National Institute of Conductive Education (NICE), England, Move&Walk, Sweden – and FortSchritt Starnberg e.V., which brings our own Federal Association into the project.
Whether the project can take place, we will find out in June 2016. If it is approved, the first working meeting is to be held in Brussels on 4-7 July this year. The results have to be published in 2018.!/show/82/europaeisches-projekt-zur-anerkennung-von-qualifikationen-in-europa/
Cui bono?

(2016) Aktuelle Themen: Europäisches Projekt zur Anerkennung von Qualifikationen in Europa, Verband det Tätigen in Deutchkand KonduktorInninen, 1 March

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