Friday, 1 April 2016


No notion too whacky

The thoughts of Caroline Leaf, former speech therapist, born-again evangelist, and all-round neurobabbler –
'The brain is neuroplastic,' says world-renowned cognitive neuroscientist, Dr. Caroline Leaf. Her research proves that brain structures can be changed at the intersection of faith and science.
Dr. Leaf’s research shows that thoughts are physical things in terms of neuroscience. Brain imaging shows that a thought actually occupies mental real estate. Further, since thoughts can be either positive or negative, there are two types of thought structures. A brain filled with toxic thoughts is more susceptible to mental, physical, and spiritual ill health.
Well worth a look, for connoisseurs. You couldn't make it up:

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She has a current concern with 'toxic thoughts'. I kid you not.

Out-and-out anoraks might like to look at this:

Whatever happened to TED?

The answer is TEXx: 

Franchise and be damned: is this a lawful rule?

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