Friday, 8 April 2016


Change can be such a slow process

During this last week Facebook has recommenced the unsolicited service that it calls 'Your memories on Facebook', to remind me of postings made on the same date in previous years.

This is not even mildly intrusive – and can be salutary, even useful.

Yesterday this dredged up the following:

Click on the above link to read some a the report on developments in the United Kingdom, that I presented at the eighth meeting of the European Association for Conductive Education, held in Siegen, Germany, in April 2000

By the way, the title of this present posting reminds me of an amiable but provocative little collection of much the same name, Looking back and looking forwards: developments in Conductive Education, put together by Gill Maguire and Ronni Nanton a few years later, as a sort of Festschrift following my retirement.

Concerns that its contributors raised (it came out in 2005) also still remain largely unresolved.


Maguire, G., Nanton, R, (2005) Looking back and looking forwards: developments in Conductive Education, Birmingham, Foundation for Conductive Education, Birmingham, FCE

Sutton, A. (20o4) UK 2000: tectonic shift, Conductive Chronicle, 17 October

Sutton, A (2014) Millennium's end: looking back to looking forward, Conductive World, 8 April

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