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Investigation for financial impropriety
Decentralisation of conductive services
And more...

In an interview with the newspaper Magyar Hírlap, the Chancellor of the András Pető College, Mihály Máté, has revealed important news about the College's future, some of which will have implications of the wider world of Conductive Education outside that institution and its particular interests, and outside Hungary too.

Apparent content

To my limited reading the following broad points seem to surface:
  • proceedings have been initiated to investigate possible misappropriation of funds under previous management (no further comment on possible embezzlement while this is under investigation
  • the number of unique projects is being rationalised
  • existing contracts are being reviewed and streamlined
  • demand in Hungary is more than the PAF operating centrally can provide for, so decentralisation is to be the cornerstone of a new, unified, multi-project development plan, with conductors operating across the country
  • there would be (quasi-) regional centres that would have have relationships with local government and with 'health tourism'
  • a 'Peto-premium' service
The essence of the plan – for Hungarians – is to reduce Budapest-centredness so that the Peto method should be available close to people's homes.

For foreigners:
  • it is noted that tourism to Hungary is on the increase
  • the forthcoming World Conference is anticipated to 'strengthen international awareness' of the College'
As far as I can find there is as yet no announcement on the PAF's website.


I could be wrong in my laborious reading of the above.

These are very important matters and the exact meaning of what Mihály Máté is saying is vital. The language and social context of this statement are beyond my ability to do it justice.

If anyone out there could oblige with a reasonable translation into English (or German, or whatever) this would be most gratefully received (identity to remain confidential if preferred).


Kacsoh, D (2016) Fejlesztések a konszolidáció után [Developments after consolidation] Magyar Hírlap, 15 April

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