Thursday, 21 April 2016


Ninth year of issue

The list of nominees for the honorary conductorships for award this year by the IPA and the PAF appears to have gone through, with everyone confirmed:
  • Vecsernyés, Jolán (Hungary)
  • Benyovszky, György (Hungary, US)
  • Herbst, Patricia (US)
  • McDowell, Emma (GB)
  • Viterbo, Alessandro (Israel)
  • Moos-Hlavacek, Anita (Germany)
  • Mullback, Lars (Sweden)
  • Vogt, Wolfgang (Germany)

Formal recognition will be formally confirmed at WC9 this December – by which time Emma McDowell (from Belfast) will have surely been relocated from GB to the UK!

What's this?
Honorary Conductors Award
Awarded by the International Pető Association in the World Congress on Conductive Education, the designation of Honorary Conductors Award is to appreciate the work of non-conductors in the field who deserve a wider and more formal recognition.
Contribution to the development of Conductive Education is considered by the IPA Nominating Committee as one of the criteria while the final decision is decided by the authorized Senate of Andras Pető Institute of Conductive Education and College for Conductor Training.
These awards commenced in 1990. The present crop of eight brings the total number of honorary conductorships awarded to 57.

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Blogger NormanP said...

Congratulations to all 8 nominees.

Thursday, 21 April 2016 at 17:36:00 BST  
Anonymous Andrew said...

It looks from the website quoted that they are no longer nominees.

And I see too that ACENA's website has already announced the two from the US as confirmed.

Thursday, 21 April 2016 at 18:22:00 BST  

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