Monday, 4 April 2016


Free at last

Béka Biszku, perhaps András Pető's last living link with the governing circles of Hungary's Communist era, has died at the age of 94:

A little from Béka Biszku's later recollections of AP –
He was very strict, but also warm-hearted (p. 33). I saw the children whom he treated, and I saw their progress as well (p. 35). He had an enormous accumulation of knowledge and received journals from all over the world, which was at the time unique [Note. As Minister of the interior, Béla Biszku would have known just how unique, and why!] (p. 73). Pető visited Party Headquarters and the Party Committee regularly because I would introduce him to the people in charge of this subject (p. 84). He had four separate fatal diseases, an incarcerated hydrocele, and he had terrible trouble with his stomach and he lived on a very strict diet (p. 91).
Béla Biszku met András Pető as a patient, stayed in touch and became a friend – and played a political role in the transfer of the State Institute from Health to Education. Much later, he shared his reminiscences with medical historian Judit Forrai, extracts of which are quoted above.

Earlier posting on Béla Biszku

Sutton, A, (2012) András Pető's patient and supporter arrested: Béla Biszku, a link with the past, Conductive World, 11 September


(2016) Bela Biszku, communist-era official in Hungary tried for war crimes, dies at 94, Washington Post, 4 April

(2013) CEP Quotationary of András Pető and his Conductive Education, Birmingham, CEP
(Copies of this book can also be purchased through this link)

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