Friday, 18 March 2016


Under the surface?

A couple of hours ago the following posting appeared on Schrëtt fir Schrëtt's Facebook page (my translation from the original French) –
The Minister, Mr Meisch, visited our groups this morning with Pierre Reding, his First Adviser . The children were proud and motivated to be able to show them what they have learned. We then had a fruitful discussion.

The agreement will not be withdrawn from us in September. We shall have one more year to find a sound and viable legal solution with the Ministry of Education. Thank you, Mr. Meisch and Mr. Reding.
Now we wait to see what happens... Thanks to everyone who supported us and continues to support us.

I do hope that I am wrong...

I understand neither the political forces at play in Luxembourg over this matter, nor the constitutional framework within which these forces have to be played out.

Perhaps I was wrong, but it had looked to me that there would have to be a date fixed within the next week for a public debate in the Chambre of Deputies on possibly permitting private schooling for children with disabilities as for all other children. Round 1 had therefore gone to Schrëtt fir Schrëtt,

Why the Minister's offer? Perhaps there had been a real expectation, on both sides, that Round 2 could go the same way as Round 1.

Now, in so far as I understand this evening's announcement from Schrëtt fir Schrëtt, that debate will now not occur. Round 2 therefore goes by default to the opposition (whoever the opposition is in this affair). And what problems, political and structural, might Round 3 have involved had this happened?

Now, though, the game has been changed. What happens next, to what rules? For example, does the result of the Petition stand, with a deferred debate definitely happening after a year's delay? Or will the whole business, including a second Petition, have to be played through again? And, whatever the case, what does the Ministry intend will be happening in the meantime?

For the time being, at no cost to itself the Ministry has bought itself time. For what? Surely not to change its mind? I do rather wonder what the Ministry and others might be busying themselves with over the next year, with what goal in mind.
In the meantime, good luck to everyone aboard the good ship Schrëtt fir Schrëtt.

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