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Compare and contrast

Conductive World, December 2013
Discovery New School in Crawley, West Sussex, the first state-funded primary school to adopt a whole-school Montessori approach, is to have its funding withdrawn by the Department for Education at the end of the coming spring term – as Ofsted (the English schools-inspection service) deems the school 'inadequate'.
There is already a mountain of information and comment on this growing on line (including Wikipedia, updated yesterday). One can also see the actual inspection report and official closure letter:

Wikipedia, 2014
Discovery New School was a co-educational Montessori free school for pupils aged 4 to 10 The school opened in September 2011... for pupils aged 4 to 10...funded directly by central government and had a planned intake of 16 pupils per year.

The school closed to children for the last time on 3 April 2014, following a series of inspection failures and withdrawal of its funding.

Compare and contrast

Montessori is not Conductive Education, England is not Luxembourg, there are substantive differences between the two pedagogies, and of course what actually happens on the ground is never be really known to anyone, never mind what happens behind the closed doors of governments and their agencies.

Tying to 'compare and contrast' could still be interesting, even useful...

There are independent schools in England with varying claims to be conductive, but there are no CE free schools, despite the efforts of Paces Sheffield not that long ago – and Ofsted is still on the prowl to police everybody, according to its own ideas of what is right, and what is wrong.


Sutton, A. (2013) Montessori: two straws in twenty-first century winds, Conductive World, 14 December

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In passing: the Wikipedia and Nurseryworld accounts (see links) of the involvement, or not, of the Montessori Schools Association are quite different; and the Wikipedia entry for Philip Bujak, former CEO of the Montessori St Nicholas Charity, is worth a quick look, especially the introduction and the paragraph headed “Montessori”. Can any readers of Conductive World (dare to) imagine a UK Conductive Education Schools Association and a Conductive Education Evaluation and Accreditation Board?

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