Wednesday, 23 March 2016


Whyever not?

Gill Maguire has just blogged on the media attention generated by the recent public awareness campaigns in the UK and the US.

She ends her posting –
Why is it so difficult to get coverage of Conductive Education, I wonder

What is being done?

One of the tactics adopted first back in the 1980s to thrust Conductive Education to public attention in the West was the scattergun approach to professional and academic conferences and publications. This worked, creating a vortex of interest and controversy, that lead on to a veritable firestorm of media interest, culminating in the UK's highly enhanced public and political awareness in the late eighties and early nineties.

There are conferences and meetings all the time around the world, more than ever, on all sorts of topics, where CE could usefully be presented – not to mention uncountable opportunities to promote CE on line, in the journals and magazines, and in the wider public and popular media.

And CE is chock-full of human stories, scandals, conflicts, 'dramas', emotions, controversies, politics, hope, pain, joy, triumph etc., with wonderful potential for amazing pictures and film coverage, real media-fodder, and no end of conflict of interest to attract yet further attention.

The media are always gagging for captivating, attention-grabbing stories to fill the gaps between the adverts and to pull the punters, and Conductive Education certainly has the stories and a need for attention. Why, with notable exceptions, do the two not meet?

The question, Gill, may be not so much what has to be done to bring them together, as what is being done so effectively to keep the two apart! 



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