Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Dance is just one
(A broad highway would be nice)

This afternoon Rony Schenker sent me a link to Kathryn Daniels' nice little paper from the Journal of the International Association for Dance, Medicine & Science. Thanks Rony for sharing this – I am happy to share it in my turn:

Roads to Rome

It takes me back to my early days' involvement in CE when I still rather hoped that interest in Conductive Education would serve as a catalyst for society's re-examining the fundamental bases for considering physical disabilities and other disabilities too (any age, any kind) as deserving to be consigned to medicine and 'therapies'. Heady days. Developmental dance paticularly caught my fancy, and I espoused Mária Hári's point that 'there are many roads to Rome'. I was delighted to find that there were indeed many analogous ways being explored – not just in the Western world – exemplifying important common principles.

(By the way, Mária herself had once trained to dance – Laban)

I was less delighted to find that such approaches (and their principles) seemed universally regarded as being at best on the fringe, giving no reason to look beyoind the Holy Family of physical, occupational (ergo-) and speech therapries. I do know that over the years many individual such therapists have dabbled in this fringe, as also have many conductors, but the established canons of both the therapies and of Conductive Education seem to have continued uninterrupted within the confines of their existing paths. So it goes.

That is a shame. There must be so much experience and inspiration out there that has not been shared, for the benefit not just for the development of individuals but more widely for for the development of Conductive Education as a whole – and more widely still for helping our society's views break out of the Medical Age and up into the long-awaited Renaissance.

A bit more on ballet

Some of you might remember this remarkable TV news segment from ABC, on Gregg Mozgala from Chicago, in 2010:

Either way, don't miss it. It is still well worth watching and listening to in 2016.

And on something else

Leave the above video running at its end and see the report that follows, too.


Daniels, K. (2009) Teaching to the whole dancer: synthesizing pedagogy, anatomy, and psychology, Journal of the International Association for Dance, Medicine & Science, vol.1, no 1, pp. 8-10

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