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A reprise

The Hungarian newspaper Magyar Idők regularly now publishes good-news stories about the PAF (not widely taken up by other newspapers, as is often the case in Hungarian journalism). This last week Conductive World's Facebook page linked to the most recent such report, concerning progress in the PAF's patenting programme:

This has produced a considerable flurry of 'Likes' and repostings on people's own pages, almost all Hungarian names, along with some expression that this action should have been taken years ago. This suggests to me that what PAF is doing in this respect strikes a popular note, in some quarters anyway.

Inevitably the question of Canada has been raised, specifically March of Dimes' copywriting of Conductive Education. Possibly relevant here to consideration of this ® are distinctions between different kinds of protection, and questions of national jurisdiction – also by now maybe, established usage. If really concerned, ask a (specialist) lawyer.

The combination of the Hungarian language and the intricacies of intellectual-property law mean that I cannot understand precisely upon what is happening at the moment. If all this intended to have a bearing outside Hungary, then presumably the PAF's intention will be to notify it in languages such as English and German.

I did once have some direct experience of such law in action, and have around this topic on Conductive World. Perhaps this still has some relevance to questions that arise over the legal 'protection'of Conductive Education. It should be read bearing in mind four important caveats:
  • I am not a lawyer
  • my direct experience of this matter was a long time ago
  • it related to the law of England
  • it was written some time after the event.
Thus cautioned, you will find an example of such material here:

Read the Comments on this posting by Norman Perrin and László Szögetski, exemplifying two distinct kinds of perspective.

This posting was published in 2007 (it was in fact only the second posting  on Conductive World). It appeared shortly after the appointment of a new Rector, Franz Schaffhauser, Unfortunately, the PAI's announcement of this is no longer on line (the external link given, now leads directly to the present site of the PAF). A shame, it might have made for interesting comparison.


Sutton, A, (2007) Conductive Education: a patent misunderstanding, Conductive World, 9 October

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