Monday, 7 March 2016


To be enjoyed as such!

There is such a load of Gobbledegook written about Conductive Education that something has to be a truly egregious example to merit mention. This one was sent to me by Google Alerts yesterday. It is a really glorious stinker.

If were still teaching, I would find this balderdash really wonderful discussion material. It stands as a remarkable example of what happens to a field that has failed to get its act together to produce a coherent, articulated knowledge base. Look for yourself to see what I mean, it is a pretty comprehensive assemblage:

Some of you out there might recognise your own phrases and sentences amongst all this. I can see some of mine. They have certainly been thrown into some strange company, much of it no doubt wholly valid in its proper context.


How is such stuff found and put together in the fist place? I guess that there are softwear programmes that you can buy to do this.

I do have to admit, however, that I have read comparable nonsense from wholly human sources.

Who did this one?

This one seems to be put out by something called Love Haute Style Daily:

Maybe it is.


Why go to such trouble? Somebody surely is marketing something. An extensive ragbag of bits and bobs on Conductive Education will doubtless pick up people who are searching the Internet for information – and presumably people mean punters, ripe for monetising.

Pity that doing so further defocuses the image and public understanding of CE.

What to do?

What can you do to combat such stuff? Probably nothing. If this is the product of a softwear product, then to create and sell such a tool is hardly illegal. It probably had a market too in the world of student assignments (though likely rather prone to a plagiarism check!). Nor is this illegal. As for making a mockery of CE, as we all know, this is not illegal either.

I suppose that one could find out who is behind it, go round and make her an offer that she cannot refuse.

That might  be really illegal!


(2016) Download conductive learning activities, Love Haute Style DailyMarch

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