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Profit is progressive
(But no news of petition)

Provision of conductive services though conductors' own private practice, often called consultancies, and/or through private companies that they have established, was once rare. Such private practice is in addition to conductors' working as employees within the charitable (non-profit) or public (state) sectors.. There have of course been some longstanding private providers, Ágnes Borbely and Judit Szathmáry for example, and Susie Mallett has described something of the diverse range of activities to be experienced under the private model of practice. For a variety of reasons, however, the private-enterprise model is becoming much more common among conductive start-ups.

It is now reasonable to consider that around the world (including in Hungary) conductive services can be divided between three sectors and consider them accordingly:
  • private
  • not for profit
  • state.
For the moment it cannot be said which will prove the most successful model for providing Conductive Education.

A Swedish private's progress

In a press release release from Move & Walk a year ago, conductor Eszter Horváth recounted her own story and urged the model of providing CE services through a company that pays a profit, over both the non-profit and state sectors –
Twenty years ago there was only one way to look at children with disabilities in Sweden.... I had a clear goal – the Swedish treatment of disabled children would improve. In my view, the Swedish healthcare an incorrect view of these children.
...My view was that disabled children are born with different conditions, learning problems, and using the right type of special education, children can develop and take greater place in society...

Today I run a successful school, health and social care in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmö.

Unfortunately, for-profit companies in the healthcare and education sector have had a negative connotation, and political voices are talking about profit-prohibitions and restrictions. But profit is essential for development and renewal... Without a profit buffer we would not have tried toopen new schools at all as opportunity arose... if we did not have margins.

There is a strong and inherent driving force for development and renewal in the private corporate form. The stunning renovation that has taken place [in Sweden] in health care and education for neurologically damaged children, is clear proof of this. It is a development that both the public sector or non-profit foundations have passed by, unwilling or unable to operate...

Also, I can proudly say that Move & Walk, after 20 years of financially risky pioneering work, has finally begun to change the perception of the disabled child's potential, even within public health care and education

This press release, touched on a hot political topic, and was taken up in the Swedish press. The full text of this release (in Swedish) is available here:

Also in Sweden...

While mentioning Sweden it seems appropriate to report that there has been no further news of Lars Mullback and the recent petition to save the CE service in the town of Blekinge. As far as one can tell through the Swedish media, this affair appears not to have broken through into public awareness:


(2015) Att revolutionera sjukvården i motvind, Move & Walk, press release, March

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