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Formez vos bataillons

Yesterday the Association CEC du Gard blogged that it has had a visit from a cameraman and a news reporter from TV France 3:

France 3's necessarily short segment, just over two minutes, was broadcast as a news segment yesterday. The content is now familiar around the world, images of children, parents, hard work and determination, positive statements to camera – and lots of wood!

What else can one shoot and show in the given circumstances? And why not? Thirty-odd years' spontaneous experience of pioneering action groups in CE have shown this to be a winning formula for spreading awareness.

Isabelle Bris sums it up for France 3  –
Clarensac: good results from 'conductive' education for children with cerebral palsy

There are only six Conductive Education centers in France: places suitable for children with cerebral palsy. Apprenticeships are based on a specialised education system established in Hungary in the forties. This example in the only center in southern France, in Clarensac, Gard.
Stand up, pick something up, or even walk, are movements that might at first seem obvious, but they are not so for everyone.
Some children with disabilities have to be guided in such matters. For them, these achievements become possible thanks to the trust created with the 'conductor'.
Progress is made at the child's pace, stimulated by games and singing: that is what is called Conductive Education.
Some children may thrive within months, and many parents do not hesitate to make the move to Clarensac for their child to attend this particular educational programme.
Since the opening of the Gard Centre for Conductive Education a year ago, thanks to the provision of accommodation by the city of Clarensac, nearly 25 children have benefited from this method.
The Gard CEC Association that provides the centre, consisting of 250 members and 50 volunteers, is always looking for operating grants.
For the Hungarian method that it advocates is still not recognized in France, whereas it is in many countries worldwide.
In Clarensac thirty children with disabilities are making progress in the region's sole Conductive Education centre.

Those six small centres are only the start of a long. hard process for CE in France. To sustain momentum and to resist further attacks, this long haul will need more parents, centres, conductors and supporters on board, and be much more widely known. As here, the French CECs make good use of the public media to attract more people to the cause, and hold them there. Sustaining the necessary awareness, by public, press and politicians is going to have to be a perpetual feature of their existence. Good luck.


(2016) Clarensac: les bons résultats de l'éducation "conductive" pour enfants infirmes moteurs cérébraux, TV 3 (Languedoc-Roussillon), 17 March

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