Monday, 29 February 2016


A step forward

Yesterday Conductive World mentioned goings-on over CE in Blekinge county in Sweden:

But Sweden is a diverse country, different counties and local and national government following their own paths. The Patients' Act that came into force last year increases Swedes' right to chose their own treatments, and this applies to Conductive Education offered through approved suppliers.

Last week a press release from CE organisation Move & Walk announced –
It has now been confirmed that the Patient Act applies to the agreement on Conductive Education... This means that no matter where you live in Sweden you are entitled to train with Conductive Education at Move & Walk in Gothenburg... Currently this applies to children and adolescents with cerebral palsy up to 19 years...

No doctor's certificate required...

Move & Walk is an approved supplier. This means a step closer towards Move & Walk's goal of Conductive Education for all  Swedes who need it.
Move & Walk invests in a Press Officer. It shows:
There is no further word about Blekinge from Lars Mullback, where CE centre's deadline expires tomorrow.

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