Thursday, 25 February 2016


Others could so easily do something like this

As a video this is very straight reportage. Various people speak, either on stage or direct to camera:

This event is not mentioned here for its content but for its form. It is offered as a prompt to others who organise meetings around CE, who do not provide written material but still feel that their programme might have something to say of wider interest or even general benefit.

Here is the published programme for this particular meeting:

It must have taken quite some organising to get these people together. But a successful conference is not over when everyone goes home at the end of it. If the speakers live up to their promise, and stimulate worthwhile discussion, then there is a wider audience out there who might like to learn from the event – and, if the speakers are a class act – then what they say may also be good PR for the organising body and its cause.

One does not expect written papers outside proper academic, scientific and higher-level professional conferences. Links to unaccompanied overheads as a substitute are, frankly, often useless. And no onward communication at all of what is said suggests how little the actual content is valued, not least  by the organisers  not a good message.

In the absence of written outcome a straightforward seven-minute video report such has been produced here may offer a model for communicating something of what is said, to general satisfaction.

There are a couple of CE conferences coming up soon...

(Probably without that song!)


 (2015) Inklusion im Jahr 2015. Wo stehen wir heute? [Inclusion in the year 2015. Where are we now?] Würzburg, 1.10.15 (2015) Inklusion 2015 – Präsentationsvideo

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