Saturday, 13 February 2016


Resting, or at its rest?

One of last year's little surprises was the unexpected appearance of 'Petö Global Connect', and the András Pető College's Global Brand Ambassador, Stefanie Koehler:

Its extensive website soon went very quiet, however, and this week the last page of its web presence has been wholly blocked, all its pages now bearing just the message –

Geschütses Blog ist vom Eigentümer als privat eingestellt. Wenn du eingeladen wurdest, dir diese Seite anzusehen...

In English, this would read something like 

Secured blog has been set by the owner as private. If you have been invited to see this page please log in...

The website may be in process of being updated. Or perhaps the organisation Pető Global Connect no longer exists. If the website does not reappear, then it may still be remembered for its glimpse into South German high society – and its extraordinary and enigmatic headline graphic, a small image of which does (for the moment anyway) survive on line:  

(By the way, is this image a pastiche? What does it signify? Can anybody advise?)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Sutton,

thank you for paying attention to the engagement of my Ambassadorship.
Infact I am still working to promote Conductive Education. The latest project of mine is to arrange the visit of the spouse of the President of the Republic of Hungary, Madame Dr. Anita Herczegh at the András Petö Föiskola.
I had the opportunity to get known to her by personal. She has been very interested in CE and we share the stress in our life on education, family and participation.
The steering board of András Petö Föiskola and me are glad to welcome the First Lady on 10th of march.
Nevertheless it went silent on my hompage and my further projects because of a severe diagnosis I got in january. For this reason I need time to plan future.
The Rector Prof.Dr. Andrea Zsebe and the Chancellor Mr. Mate Mihalyi support me to find a way.
Hence it is not easy to cope the right way of communication for that moment as you noticed.
But your comment showed the need to inform the Conductive World about the actual situation of Petö Global Connect.
I am looking foreward.
With best regards and in respect to your work,

Stefanie Koehler
Brand Ambassador of Conductive Education

Saturday, 13 February 2016 at 21:23:00 GMT  

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