Friday, 26 February 2016


End of the beginning in sight?

There are a lot of people of Portuguese background in Luxembourg – Portuguese Luxembourgers or Lusoburguês – more that 80,000, around 16% of the population of that small country. Inevitably, some of them have disabilities. Not surprisingly there are Lusoburguês children and their families involved with Schrëtt fir Schrëtt.

Portuguese Luxembourgers are the largest cultural minority in Luxenbourg, with their own media. Today's Portuguese-language edition of the newspaper Contacto updates on Schrëtt fir Schrëtt's struggle for survival

It reprises the background to the case as already covered in the country's French, German and Luxembourgish media and followed as well as can be by Conductive World. The article then quotes Laurence Borges and a signatory to the petition to the Chambre of Deputies –
My wife is Portuguese, and our son does not walk or talk. But he has learned to read and write through conductive pedagogy. The key to this system is to give greater autonomy to the children in the family, and a job well done can gain magnificent results.

Reporter Henrique de Burgo states that there have now been 3,780 online signatures and more than 3,000 signatures on paper, taking the total number beyond the 4,500 signatures required to generate a Parliamentary debate. The closing date for this Petition is 7 March.

If as a result the law is changed, the association Schrëtt fir Schrëtt, will continue working with severely disabled children, but as a school. The petitioners are presently confident that this will happen.

Schrëtt fir Schrëtt estimates that about 30% of its eligible population have Portuguese backgrounds.

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de Burgo, H. (2016) Associação reclama escola para crianças com deficiência, Contacto, 26 February

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