Saturday, 27 February 2016


Save our centre, in Sweden
Scandi noir?

I have just learned of another public petition to politicians, to prevent a European CE centre's being closed due to professional opposition. The deadline for closure was to be 1 March. Then latest information that I have found on line is on Lars Mullbeck's Facebook page and on his blog, all dated 20 January:

His blog posting, in Swedish, begins as follows –

Open letter to local politicians in Blekinge

OPEN LETTER TO county council politicians We parents and relatives of the neurologically damaged children in Blekinge are very worried  
In the minutes from the November meeting of the Board of Psychiatry and Habilitation we read that you are considering not to renew the agreement for Conductive Education that expires on 1 March, 2016, despite the fact that the Agreement can be extended a further two periods. Instead Maj-Lis Olsson, Head of Operations, Rehabilitation has been commissioned to investigate whether Conductive Education can be offered in-house...
As you probably know, we have neurological damage and our relatives have had to fight very hard and publicly in Blekinge for the right to choose Conductive Education as a complement to habilitation since 2011. The main reason is that habilitation management is hostile to Conductive Education as a complementary activity. Some of the resistance we have encountered is described in a doctoral thesis Rehabilitation in Focus but also in a number of articles under the category of Blekinge on
Just the fact that that the operations management, which as as has been documented, is so negative about Conductive Education, has been commissioned to investigate Conductive Education makes us worried. Below are some arguments that should be considered before a decision to participate in the case ...
Follow this account further on Lars's blog:

I learned of this business less than half an hour ago and I do not know whether the petition has been successful, or where things currently stand in Blekinge in the south of Sweden.

Maybe someone there could update and inform.

That dissertation

I think that this may be the thesis referred to above. It is available on line in full, in Swedish (with an English summary on pages 287- 298):

It is by Ulla Bohlin and is dated 2009.

Most recent posting on Luxembourg petition

Material for a comparative study. What else is going on?


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