Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Ralph Strzałkowsky's problematisation
Is this what charity is about?
...For me a nonprofit's role is a platform to talk about interesting things in interesting ways. To introduce you to the causes that I care about... I'm tempted to say that I care about making you think more than I care about that cheque. We do need that cheque... but I'd rather it go with a message of how we can do something amazing together.
I started a nonprofit to focus on the positive... I want to build on excitement – on how the world could be, even if we have long way to go. I want to focus on change, on empowerment, on inclusion, on empathy… I'd like to see more nonprofits talking about how they want to change the world rather than describing it the way it is today. I'd like for all of us to work towards a grand vision that can inspire us all.
Sounds reasonable to me. As far as it goes, I'll drink to this as a part-ideal

Exerpted from:

Strzałkowski, R. (2016) Is this what charity is about? Wheelchaired for a day, 2 February

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