Friday, 22 January 2016


Passing 1,000,000 pageviews
Some sort of milestone

At some time unnoticed over the last three months or so Conductive World chalked up one million 'pageviews' over the course of its existence (since 4 October 2007).

It has taken 2,391 postings on my part to achieve the present score 1,040,687 pageviews.


I realise that I am not altogether sure of what this word signifies, so I have looked it up –
A pageview is a count indicating the number of times a Web page has been loaded into a browser. The publishing platform Blogger, used for all Blogspot-hosted sites, counts pageviews using Google’s proprietary algorithms... Several factors affect the number of pageviews shown for a blog; the exact number reported by Blogger will almost always be different from the pageviews shown by other traffic analysis applications.

So there you are. Personally I am none the wiser.



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