Monday, 4 January 2016



The article in Magyar Idők concludes with Andrea Zsebe's stressing that the 'chancellor system' introduced by the Hungarian Government last year for the management of higher-educational institutions has clarified roles and made the system easier to operate.

She added that the new direction has deliberately undertaken to maintain and preserve the Institute's values, and is conscious of society's appreciation.. The institution has an extensive international network of contacts in twenty-one countries but this has not been properly coordinated, requiring a manager to take responsibility for of international relations.

The new Rector wants the work of her office to be transparent, and to develop more effective benchmarking for evaluating performance and student attainment

She says that a longstanding requirement has been met by the recent completion of professional protocols, something fifty years overdue.

The newspaper has also learned that industrial design students from the Budapest Technical University are redesigning aids and equipment, this for the exclusive use of PAF.

Previous item on this topic:

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Balázs, P. (2015) Levédhetik a Pető Intézet fejlesztő módszereit: nagy tervekkel látott munkához az új Rektor, Tenk Miklósné Zsebe Andrea, Magyar Idők, 29 December



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